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northern girl bold, southern girl gentle, this is the difference between South and north is obvious. In March 16, 2015, European quanmei industry science and technology limited company ushered in the two from Inner Mongolia’s northern girl, they are: Miss Li and miss wang. Europe quanmei Technology Co Ltd is headquartered in Hubei Wuhan, the two sisters come to the south of the US, particularly brisk, they are tall, handsome face, bright smile, highly affinity behavior before.

in the course of the interview, we learned that the two sisters store is more than and 130 square, its location in the downtown area, is a bustling commercial circle around. Miss Lee said, "for this location, demand for beauty, Manicure is relatively more, is also hoping to entrepreneurial opportunities, able to meet customer demand, to make their own store development."

"We are in the process of

plane, was worried, afraid of Ouquan this company does not exist, but also a trustworthy person to meet us," Ms. Li said, "but to Ouquan, we can rest assured that the company, but also more humane, and the company cooperation is very look forward to, especially your company’s support, compared to other companies, is one of the main factors to attract me."

it is understood that the two sisters have no relevant experience, chose in beauty, Manicure in this industry, mainly because they all love beauty, Manicure, but also for their city, the local people’s life demand is relatively high, high level of consumption, high requirements on quality at the same time, it is felt that this industry good prospects, the initiation of the idea of starting their own business, and they can also benefit from, Why not??

In an interview with

at the end of the two sisters also expressed their own planning for the future development of the store, opened at the end of March can be tentatively scheduled for early April, and hope that through the Ouquan companies, with headquarters Ouquan company to support as a backing, realize their own stores to expand to 400-500 square meters of desire, in addition also, to cooperate, to lay a solid foundation for the future introduction of micro integration, so as to promote the overall development of their own store.

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