The enterprise website keyword competition difficulty judging method

second: the quantity and price of the bidding:

intitle: this kind of beauty "

1, the auction is the pay per click, that is to say as long as the investment out of advertising, can profit will go on, the general network company will have a professional bidding on the industry analysis specialist keywords, as long as the profits will go to search something on the page above the reference number, can be displayed by bidding the general love of Shanghai shows 8 advertising in the side, if this is all full of advertising out of it, that is to say its competitiveness is relatively large,

in the study of keywords to the degree of keywords can also refer to the same industry in the first three pages, and how much is to take home to do, usually directly take home to do more words or a little competition, if the page is more words, the word itself competition the degree is not high, of course, here is the general website, not large website.

When the

third: Web pages ranking:


: the first page number:

fourth: know rival site condition:

can refer to, search a comprehensive search of the mainstream search engine at present in Shanghai, 360 of the love in the page below, Google at the top, the more the number of pages that a greater degree of competition, this one, but it is a theory, but it can be used as reference values. Is the number of pages returned by the search engine. Again, only as a reference, not the whole letter.

do know, it is more beneficial to later, can view the web site domian value and page number included, the contents of the article are of high quality, the link is natural, reasonable judgment to determine the site keywords degree of difficulty.


enterprise website keyword competition difficult judgment method, if the enterprise wants to make money through the website, the first is to choose a good web site keywords to determine, said the last time about how to choose the site keywords, today I talk about the difficulty of judging the site keywords view, website keyword selection requirements to: search for many times, the competition of small words is the first choice of words, but now such words, rarely, want to find a blue ocean of words still need to slowly accumulate experience, mining, the following is only Shanxi Shanghai dragon r people cherish the opinions and suggestions, for reference:


2, the price of the bidding: a hot word price is very high, such as a word plastic class on the price of 100 is there, but there are still people to do, the higher the price bidding profit that is relatively large, profitable, many of them are now the Red Sea words, words will go through the blue ocean data mining research. But for the top two of the price data is not recommended as a reference, do not rule out to hit the brand to do.

The number of search results from

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