Google every day to delete 41 thousand suspected pirated links 11 hours after handling

at present, many people are most concerned about the problem of copyright piracy is will be generated in their published content after a few minutes, and many small publishers have no time to go through the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)" requirements from Google search results down the search content.

According to

reports, if this function (delete pirated links) added to the Google webmaster tools, once publishers can see pirated content, content and links will immediately delete copyright, and report to the background, perhaps this is also a good anti piracy and anti infringement method. (Huo Shan

even more surprising is that although many requests to delete piracy links, but Google can quickly handle within 11 hours, and Google’s anti piracy program itself is already handled approximately 97% pirated links.

May 25th news, according to foreign media reports, Google monthly will receive about 1 million 255 thousand a day or the equivalent of about 41 thousand of the copyright owner requests for pirated content and to ask Google to delete the search results.

Google said, when they received a notice of copyright or copyright agency, said the search results for copyright infringement, Google will through the relevant procedures to delete these pirated content link from the search results will be. And they will conduct the record will be deleted, and add to the report.

(source: NetEase technology report)

It is reported that )

, for Google on the delete link requirements recently increased rapidly. In October last year, the number of Google weekly received about 200 thousand, in December last year, nearly 300 thousand, to May this year, the number has nearly 400 thousand.

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