Analysis of Scindapsus algorithm coping strategies and treatment methods

first: too many links to delete pages, for when love Shanghai next update, restore the weight.

finally: self-help chain will be subject to certain blow, and site navigation will again become a hot topic. The self-help chain, self-help link too much to form a fixed page or the bottom link, after Shanghai will inevitably become the target of love. The site navigation, belonging to the recommended links, regardless of how many, not cheating. So, site navigation will become a hot chain way. For everyone said the forum and blog outside the chain, in general, are not as the main link. Because of the way, the correlation is very small, the quality is very poor.


: the first link exchange or purchase link, to select related industries. In the process of the exchange links, or buy links, this will be listed as the first. Because the search engine is not love – lots of links, just for ranking and ranking. Of course, even if this is not love Shanghai green core algorithm, but once the algorithm defines a number of times by the green one page can be obtained at the bottom of the link, you will choose non

related links?

: then buy links and link exchange will appear new situation. Whether it is to buy links, or exchange links, link the future trend will have the following characteristics: A, will buy the internal links into different pages of website. B, give up exchange or purchase at the bottom of the page links, and tend to the web page advertising links. These two trends, which allows reducing a page to obtain more links, and can make the search engine that link to your link is to promote the link rather than intentional exchange or purchase.

second: update original > A

at the beginning of 2013, Shanghai has conducted love algorithm upgrade, released in February 19th February 20th on the evening of Scindapsus algorithm, massive update. The data obtained from the current point of view, the industry some outbound links too much, Links not related website is really affected. Thus, LIAN network to explore the treatment method of Scindapsus algorithm with the strategy and look after injured.


above is for the emerging link strategy after the share Scindapsus algorithm, then the algorithm is Scindapsus slander how to solve the site:

love Shanghai this adjustment is for the purchase of the site links to punish, finally evolved into the page link too much punishment. Here, enough to buy the site links and page links too much punishment has a different perspective. Buy links, not necessarily all buy links to the home page, but are scattered all over the word page with traffic. Love Shanghai punishment is a page obtained from a large number of links at the bottom of the site, whether or not you buy, will be punished accordingly.

network, aiming at the green radish algorithm updates, we can from these aspects: the adjustment of

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