An objective view of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster do recommendations to avoid the two extremes

master flow up, added an academic exchange forum, webmaster do every day is to organize academic resources, guide and help the user to answer the problem of non academic IT, and forum download attachments nor many forums that many points, are basically free to download, and seriously consider how to user the most convenient download.

is a friend from the station opened in 2005, with the SiteWeaver system is easy, idea is to collect industry information, academic resources, the article is to manually copy, never had a collection of articles, punctuation marks are considered every single word or phrase.

the webmaster will change the template, FTP, PS will change the picture text, do not understand programming, do not understand the Shanghai dragon, earlier was working alone, then the establishment of the company. No matter whether commercialization will be successful, but at least as personal webmaster, do good, and have a certain degree of success.

is the first extreme: never ask the Shanghai dragon, do not know the Shanghai dragon, PR reached 5 and 6, PV in the 5~6 million, but for 5 years, and it didn’t make money

did it very hard for the construction of website, undivided attention for users to consider, do the user experience every detail. At the same time, the site of the advertising is very serious consideration, the main contents and download page has only common article GGAD the way put GG advertising. The website did not put any advertisement. The development of the forum to nearly 100 thousand members, tried to pass spread GG image ads below, then that user experience is not good, removed.

now seems to be some new Adsense are very obsessed with even advocating Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon feel miraculous and some of the old webmaster, but mostly to avoid the talk, a little tired and disdain, and even professional personnel in Shanghai dragon mentioned Shanghai dragon more willing to search engine marketing or renamed SEM.


The This extreme

website in addition to statistics put the nobility baby, look at the traffic outside, no other webmaster statistics, rarely see staring at the basic statistics.

then do know inquiry platform, Wikipedia platform, all around to provide academic exchange platform for the user, the formation of a strong academic atmosphere and construction, most of the user is a graduate degree. Each sub platform is used in sub domains, PR reached 5, the master station now has nearly 200 thousand users forum PR6.

Time for more than 5 years with

friend from at the beginning of the site is very few in Links, basically can be said, never changed Links, never Global Forum, not mix any a signature, even he is now many webmaster circle stationmaster is senior, but nobody knew him.

second extremes: ordinary webmaster to foreign trade of Shanghai dragon >

two extreme I have seen the most obvious:

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