Master five points easily reduce website jump out rate


five, page layoutThe

three, improve the quality of the content on the website

four, study on the psychological needs of the user

page open speed too slow, directly hindered the user access, will undoubtedly increase the bounce rate of users. So the site selected space / server must be fast, stable, and the image on the page, JS and flash to compress or reduce processing. In general, not a whole page loaded more than 6 seconds.

two, a clear and simple

page layout is divided into pre layout design and post website layout design is fine, through the investigation and analysis of a prediction of user’s demand and page layout. However, the layout can not completely solve the needs of users, so the data of late is very important, we can through the statistics of the background data analysis, the user is through the search which words came to our site, what is to come to our website for what purpose, leaving the combined search of love Shanghai can be very good for users;

! Page design

has the speed and the appearance of the template is not enough, users come to your website is to appreciate your site design, is looking for content. Content is the soul of the website, the content of high quality will be user acceptance, but also get a better ranking. So, the content must do fine, not out of order

Reasonable adjustment of

, ensure the page opening speed

users come to the site, the first is the whole page view into the eye of the user. Just think, if a page design is out of order, or the non mainstream riotous with colour, the user has the mood to see content? So clear and simple, unique style page template allows users to browse more relaxed! In the design page, according to their website users to design a page is more appropriate, because of the different users love the style is not the same.

out, before introduced, we all know that the bounce rate of our web site keywords ranking has certain effect. The purpose is to search engine users love the site in the front row, the bounce rate is low, indicating that the user more love our website. In general, the bounce rate below 50%, so how to reduce the rate of jump out of the website? Just before writing "to improve the site PV some ideas" some similarities, the following five aspects to discuss ways to reduce the rate of jump out.

The What is the rate of

website is in the flow, do the user. A study of the needs of the user site is small, so we must continue to try to figure out, what is the user to our website? What do you need? What can we offer? Only the user to research deeply, can make better content to satisfy the user, so as to promote user viscosity, reduce the rate of jump out.

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