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has been a Taobao customer for half a year. The year before last time has paid, also has the repayment. In fact, as long as you work hard and try to learn more from your forefathers, you will surely reap something.

once you’re looking for the target audience, sit down and think about advertising copywriting. Online Advertising Copywriting techniques, I >

  the Internet is not the "fourth media", in theory, each view is quite inconsistent. In my opinion, the Internet is an all-in-one communication technology tool with many functions as one. You can also see it as an aircraft carrier for information exchange, which provides a common platform for the delivery and communication of information. One of the "carrier based aircraft" is the media, a new media that is different from the three types of media print, radio, television, and can also be called the "fourth media"". This kind of "carrier based aircraft" series includes news mails, news discussion groups, web sites, electronic bulletin boards, instant chat rooms and many other styles. this topic will be discussed in the future.

so I’m using the guided shopping method. I usually write a blog first, and then I can do a single product promotion according to the products involved in the blog. My blog address is: taobao29, we can go to see, refer to. Besides, website promotion, do Taobao customers, not put in less capital, always want to empty handed white wolf, perhaps there are successful predecessors, but most of them are failed. So I registered the domain name first, bought the space and made a Taobao shopping guide station.

determines the basis for the success or failure of advertising by choosing the right online carrier for advertising and finding the best place for your ad. First of all, you have to lock your target audience accurately, and then, according to your budget reality, look for the online media that is best for them.


first, to follow the rules of traditional media advertising, online advertising should focus on the three major magic weapons: 1 locking target audience; 2 do advertising copy; 3 implementation effect monitoring.

because of the huge amount and freedom of development, the audience of some media is likely to be your target audience, just as for you to customize the general, and its effect is surprisingly good. This is so because the types of online media are suitable for many individuals founded, low operation cost and simple procedures basically is "lawless", do not want to do, the founder of a traditional media like to win glory in battle.

if your advertising budget is not how well most Internet companies are like this, your focus should not be on those large online media advertising price is high, but should be a small media like news mail, electronic magazine. Over the past two or three years, as the number of Internet users continues to grow, the number of these media has mushroomed, covering more and more fields. The size of their circulation subscribers varies greatly, and the characteristics of attractive audiences vary. The only thing they have in common is that advertising is cheap.

and you have a wide choice. One of the problems is that it takes a little bit of effort to find the right media for you. Usually you need to do some short-term tests to determine the best advertising vehicle.


below, I’ll tell you about my experience, I hope to help the novice. My Taobao promotion mainly depends on blogs and websites:

first blog, I use my own blog, the main use of a single product promotion. In fact, the blog is also a single product promotion tips. Blogging is a place for journaling. Don’t think simple advertising will buy. You have to think in reverse thinking, you will like a full advertising blog, and also relish to see, and go to buy it? Maybe there will be, not many.

my website address is: tb29 Taobao shopping street. All the links on the site are my one by one to fill it up, the store is also a through the mother of Ali’s background to find a higher commission crown shop. A lot of people’s website is a look at the others early code just replace PID in a hurry to upload, do not go to see a promotion when the code has expired? The shop is still there? You go to see your promotion connection is not alimama domain? Now the promotion is in taobao domain. Are you always complaining about new people who don’t have any income? Have you ever thought about these issues,

to be a good Taobao, diligence is a must. Do not always want to do a blog, hanging advertising, find a code, do a web site, change a PID, you can wait at home to get a commission. That’s daydreaming. Maybe lucky people occasionally make a deal, and then act like a fool. And for what is the difference? Want to become a good Taobao customer: industrious, hard, hard, learning is a must. Muddleheaded wrote these. Hope to inspire everyone.

There are so many types of online media on the

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