How to use the resources to promote the website ranking master station

site can be solved, employed several editorial staff, increase the original article every day for the site, but the site outside the chain, if in accordance with the usual said forum, blog, exchange Links, that much larger workload and slow. Some people say that you can buy the chain, but also limit the purchase of the chain, the chain can not buy stop, must constantly renew, and buy the chain step by step, not explosive growth.

fourth, resource station also need to raise resources, but also to ensure the quality of the station, this requires energy, limited the ability of a person, you can hire a few.

here I will analyze do need to pay attention to the local resource station:


site is now increasingly fierce competition in the same industry, people will continue to want to join in this industry share, but the leader of this industry has been done for several years, the weight of the website is already very high. If in accordance with the general steps of Shanghai Longfeng do that to be close to or even God knows how long to catch up with competitors?

is the best or most long-term non built station resources, resource station is your own website, free to control, unlike the post, Bowen, will be deleted, in white. Resources well weight brought to the main station is in increasing, can give site bring lasting vitality.

third, the content of resource station to master relevant content but can not be repeated, the chain of correlation to chain than more not related by website ranking. Help a netizen answers today in a QQ group, said why his site keywords ranking is couldn’t get on, I searched the website about the keyword ranking first, included, the chain is not a lot of data, but it is the 80% chain chain chain and the correlation. Users of the site only a maximum of 20% related. But some industry is rather special, it may be because there is a new project, even if your resource station not related, such as your master do cosmetics, but the station is reported in the entertainment resources, also can promote the master’s ranking, and the effect is good. But according to correlation operation, because the search engine algorithm is in constant change, now it hasn’t changed, perhaps after a period of time and its algorithm was developed in this industry to identify correlation, the weight can be reduced to the master station resources.

first, build resource station domain name PR to buy the best record the domain name, because the station also need to raise resources, if you buy a new domain name, but also requires a lot of energy resources to keep the station. The domain name PR to facilitate the exchange of Links, although PR is not so important, but subconsciously webmaster is willing to exchange Links with PR website.

second, each resource station should be put in different IP server, if on a server, is likely to be considered cheating and will lead to site punished.

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