Love Shanghai image search action related revision analysis




in fact, not only is a great improvement on the visual effect, but also has many very affordable functional improvements, allowing users more convenient to use.


show in the form of


this is a comparison of old and new home love pictures Shanghai. From the home, have a brand new feeling. Home use picture navigation feels more comfortable than the old version, delicate, more refreshing, but also more click desire. In fact, the home is only a beginning, deep within the pages of content but also greatly enhance the user experience.

first we look at the picture show in the form of what to do to change. The most obvious is the search page to cancel the stiff paging function, adopted a flexible waterfall flow >

display area in the picture, you will find the pictures more clearer than before, but also between the pictures without words:

first look into the picture from the navigation click interface will first see a take on an altogether new aspect, clear navigation menu, and add a love of Shanghai "shopping" column:

The old version of


visual effectsThe old version of the home page:

version of the home page:


and mouse suspended after the pictures will float, relevant information at the same time picture:

This is


love Shanghai recently significantly improve the user experience, in addition to the webmaster of the site and the site of garbage The imprint is engraved on my heart. cheat inventory, strengthen the launch of the new home of their own, the quality of content is to let people find everything fresh and new changes. Today I love Shanghai and made a greater enhance the user experience, will give users more surprises, that is love Shanghai. The love of Shanghai pictures in my opinion is really very general, clarity, accuracy and so I can’t say. But after a large scale and the revision, I decided after all with love Shanghai pictures (not advertising oh).


We all know that

from the column page click on the visual effect. But direct search keywords will be different. How do we search for a "Jordan" look at page effect. The first feeling is to show the page is compact and refreshing, picture clarity is much higher, because the page has not too many words, is a pure image page, the following is the comparison of new and old version:

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