How to excavate the site keywords and layout

This article from the mining

then let us analyze the comparison of key concern by users, industry type, type, name and title of the column setting, here is the classified keywords, and then find out the related keywords layout to the column (note here, we can have many kinds of combinations, such as type, type, time, price, brand, etc…)

effect, it should also be classified as (the long tail word), because this is a very large amount of search words in the world, the timeliness of hot words, we can make special topics to the layout, through the home link, even within the chain, the chain is to quickly improve the ranking. Ability to obtain rapid ranking.

two, column, keyword

written in the end, is very important to the layout of the keywords in the whole website of Shanghai dragon inside, especially the keywords in the research of the construction site, is the future development direction of the site you decide, so in the whole process of the establishment of all cannot do without our keyword analysis, keyword layout is a web site for search engine ranking the inevitable. I hope you have what other views together.

here to teach you a very practical method is to use the internet hotspot, combined with your industry website updates, and this website article, but we all know that the timeliness will have a very good ranking, so you update the article can attract more people to browse. To get more audience, to the rank of the website is inevitable.

three, the long tail word mining, layout

Hot words

finally came to our main work of Shanghai Longfeng website construction, mining and analysis of long term, we need to pay attention to is the long tail word, we should not only confined to the so-called keyword tool swept out of the word, if you are doing some kind of product enterprise station you will find the tools, extension the word also dozens of pages are updated so you end these words we how to extend

first analysis is three to five words in the most most popular keywords and user attention, as the core keywords web page optimization (according to their own needs to optimize the resources, the keywords competition degree analysis, the choice of words, it can be optimized in the selection) is the core keywords also need to pay attention to the same, need analysis of industry website, find out the similarities and differences reflect their own.


, a master key, the layout of


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come to talk about the long tail word we should be how to reasonable layout, page long tail word is some words less user search, we use the inside pages, the website of the product page layout, there is a class of

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