How to improve the personal webmaster website advertising click rate

users on the site to stay longer, the more likely to see the ads and click behavior, so do you see the key is what type of site, make the site attractive enough, or some function modules of the website allows users to have the desire to stay for a long time. In this regard, game website, video website, the website has the advantages of novel richly endowed by nature, the user experience is relatively high in the Web2.0 community website can also do this, information portal or blog sites is relatively difficult, because many users to information websites and blog sites are watching content will directly want to know leave. So if you want to personal Adsense site the most direct way to increase user retention time is to choose the right type of site, otherwise it is possible to find.

Advertising and website content

according to the corresponding industry actual content type website hang advertising. In the vertical industry portal will reflect more obvious, such as logistics information website hung on the logistics company website advertising, real estate industry hung real estate companies advertising; introduce some products of culture and information related to the corresponding product hanging advertising, such as tea culture information website, the website information collection culture; regional website put up on the local advertising, such as local forum, local tourism website; hang and user preferences habits of the website, the most common is the novel website hung in game advertising, because many users see the novel for a long time will want to relax. The content of the website and advertising related to.

some time ago to see some well-known blog about personal webmaster to make money on the road, the most common Wangzhuan currently is of course hanging the advertising alliance advertising, but the ad rate is only 0.4%~1.1%, users browse the 1000pv page, just click on 4~11 ads, according to 0.5 yuan a click to count the daily 1000pv site a month at most is to earn a 60~165 yuan. Even if the increase to 10000pv daily, earning 1000 yuan a month down is not enough. Many personal webmaster website still has certain ideals and aspirations, is not for the company because he died killed, so just want to build their own web site to make money, but 1000 yuan a month income is obviously not enough to feed themselves and the whole family.


two, by hanging with

at this time, individual stationmaster certainly want to increase website income through other ways, such as opening an online store to sell products through the web site; for example, according to user needs and behavior planning such as value-added services; through the website to do O2O; through the website such as training etc.. Of course yes, the bitterness of individual owners personally experienced the perception of more profound. So, we have no way to what by improving the ad click rate to get more income? Here to talk about some of my experience in the method.

, a user retention time in the

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