Summary website optimization you tend to ignore the process of knowledge

two, 3

6, the proportion of all words is the density of keywords for home page columns, articles or the content page, generally not more than 10%, is generally in the 2%-8%, in the webmaster tools can be found.

Keywords: Keywords

1, including: target keywords and long tail keywords, keywords, the search volume according to popular keywords. The website keyword density is less than 10%, generally between 2%-8%.

certain search volume 200-600

(the number of sites, the competition is not domain independent means is to optimize the keywords, and included the number of snapshot update time, outside the chain, how many keywords are exact matching, site time, PR value, in scale, with the home page)


commercial intention

title tag ,

7, five words: if it is determined to optimize a keyword, the keyword can be targeted keywords can also be long tail keywords, remember five words: title, label, label the current page description, the content of the page, other page anchor text many times these five appear the words.

5, associated with the main keywords, keywords and keyword often appear at the same time. The search engine drop-down list or search the bottom. These words are all users in the same range of keyword search volume keywords.

3, also called the main keywords, is used to optimize the home page keywords. Choose 1-3, between words meaning to be relevant, with home page to optimize. Want to do a keyword, with the long tail keywords to supplement.

4, the long tail keywords: keywords is derived from the main key words. Keywords in the columns and the inside pages to optimize the search volume is not very easy to do the keyword ranking.

Keywords: optimization of Keywords: target

, the 2 key words

Hello, I am the future. I am engaged in the website optimization work has been more than a year’s time, in the website optimization process, I found that there are a lot of people tend to ignore the knowledge point, I will be here they are summarized as follows.


8, combination and split: split cases: the construction of Nanjing grand website: Nanjing grand grand split into Internet, Internet, website construction and so on. Nanjing grand grand combination: Internet, Internet sites, website construction can be combined into Nanjing grand Internet website construction. Combination of love Shanghai index is basically the sum of each word index.


1, Title Title: 1_ main keyword keywords 2_ keyword 3- site name (English state underlined shift and – (Chinese) – state – number) 28 words, not more than 30 words.

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