The three enlightenment embarrassed to entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

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" is a recently popular Hong Kong embarrassed topic, from its box office performance can be seen on the popular level. As of October 4th, released 10 days of the "Hong Kong" embarrassed the cumulative box office 1 billion 280 million, breaking the previous directed by Xu Zheng before the "Thai" embarrassed at the end of 2012, a record 1 billion 268 million at the box office record, once again set a new record in the domestic movie box office 2D. Today, I am talking to you about this topic is the "Xu Zheng phenomenon", to a certain extent, reflect and represent the commercial phenomenon of today’s era, including the technology industry and the so-called traditional manufacturing industry. From the point of view of today’s entrepreneurship phenomenon, in which a large number of entrepreneurs in excess after being fed chicken soup "dizzy" into the business battlefield, but the real business is cruel, not to drink chicken soup will be able to realize the dream. Similarly, Xu Zheng’s success is not to see us chicken soup, but the real business trajectory.

Behind the

"Hong Kong embarrassed" three enlightenment


" appears again hit Hong Kong embarrassed, I will define this phenomenon as "the phenomenon of Xu Zheng". The emergence of this phenomenon, it is the birth of the Internet in the fragmentation of information era, which mainly consists of the following two aspects: one is that we are in a high degree of information overload, debris era today, most people are not willing to take the time to think about the "depth" of Art; the two is the pressure of the economic downturn the social competition intensifies, will inevitably lead to increased pressure, this time for people in the struggle in this era, we need some entertainment way for their own decompression. The brain does not occupy the "memory", and can laugh film is obviously a good choice.

today, we do not discuss the depth of the pursuit of film art in this era, and focus on the "Xu Zheng phenomenon" brought about by the business thinking. The current "public entrepreneurship, innovation may bring some help, after all, for most of the entrepreneurs, how to get entrepreneurial wealth growth is concerned by all things. Although Xu Zheng is a director, but its essence and most of us today, entrepreneurs, are in a stage of entrepreneurship, but he chose to cut from the film industry. And he was in the film field of the phenomenal level of success, to today’s chicken soup entrepreneurs every day at least the following three aspects of the Enlightenment:

1, a function to achieve the ultimate

before Xu Zheng, most of the domestic films have been directed by the big, usually take the heavy asset mode. Xu Zheng’s film is more like the single product of entrepreneurial thinking, is taking a "asset light" mode, whether from the cast, performance, promotion, filming, etc., and is not dependent on the past that big, big, big investment "three pressure". What we focus on is what we call today’s pain points, that is, people in this era need to be released, the release of pressure

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