nternet giant hit the money to start a business enclosure war

venture companies face challenges: the lack of talent and financial difficulties in the development of the market difficult product homogeneity

from pets to online markets, to hire part-time, with a APP mobile phone will be able to get tens of millions of dollars of investment, which is not believe before. But now, several major Internet giants are stepping up to the entrepreneurial platform enclosure war".

yesterday, Alibaba group’s mobile open platform "Ali announced," rivers "will provide 1 billion of venture capital +10 billion loan", used to support mobile applications of entrepreneurs. A week ago, Tencent announced this year in the IOT flow and help fund 10 billion yuan of 1000 enterprises to realize the transformation of things.

industry insiders said, in support of national policy, the use of the Internet business technology threshold is lowered, the loan amount is relatively easy to access, the mass of entrepreneurs will be an opportunity. Currently, 80% of the country’s start-up companies are mainly concentrated in Guangzhou and other cities in the top six.

entrepreneurship is the three most popular areas

1 e-commerce

2 enterprise services

3 smart device

industry trends: Internet giants have to compete for venture capital group

reporter learned from the Alibaba, the main aim of life service platform as APP, the company’s wireless business unit director Zhang Kuo said that since the launch in October last year, Ali rivers access platform APP has covered nearly 115 million of the number of mobile terminal. Strong business cashability become one of the highlights, the platform around 90% APP have won the "first pot of gold".

"stand on the air" is one of the secrets of these entrepreneurs success. Zhang Kuo said, because the kind of electricity supplier has been very mature, and the demand for a large class of life services, but also the advantages of Alibaba, entrepreneurs choose these areas are easy to succeed. Ali Institute recently reported that e-commerce and business services is currently the two most popular areas of entrepreneurship. The largest number of e-commerce companies with the highest value, followed by the public life of the high frequency of demand.

and rival Tencent are also increasing support for entrepreneurial groups to win. A week ago, Tencent Wulian officially launched to support intelligent hardware entrepreneurial team and the transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises "billion plan", Wang Tao QQ joint general manager announced that this year invested 10 billion yuan of funds flow and help the 1000 companies achieve networking transformation.

and smart devices is also a big hot Internet business. Currently, the Internet of things has begun to grow rapidly, the concept of stock market value rose. According to the survey, the Internet of things will become the world’s largest equipment market. By 2019, the market size of the Internet of things will be more than doubled by smart phones, PC, tablet PCs, networked cars and wearable devices.


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