Fifth horizon advertising media The5v com open letter of apology

      fifth vision advertising media (The5v.Com), to August 2007 on-line, get the support of the webmaster, thank you for your support! We will, as always, for the webmaster and our own cause and create and work hard.

      due to the early fifth horizon advertising media (The5v.Com) in the initial preparatory phase, the Gu in some amount of settlement change and process there have been some misunderstanding, we repeatedly through friendly and internal standard part of the webmaster exchange, has now officially confirmed; this brings inconvenience to our webmaster friends with a puzzled, fifth horizon advertising media planning department (The5v.Com) on behalf of all the staff apologized to the webmaster friends!

      at the same time, the webmaster friends mentioned, graph king ( site recommended brand should not refuse the question; yes, I’m sorry, the matter with the station and graph king Never mind completely, completely is not rigorous to our internal people misunderstanding, please as in the past. I believe I believe fifth figure king, horizon (, China believe videoinfo (, I believe we have the confidence and strength of the webmaster of revenue and brand do better.

alliance business purpose:

      fifth horizon advertising media (The5v.Com) is dedicated to Chinese videoinfo (169V.Net) tailored advertising alliance, invites the webmaster to join, to improve the overall China videoinfo sales ability, the spirit does not deduct the amount principle, mode and you stand long together to create a win-win for the purpose.

      is we need to survive, why does not deduct the amount of it, its purpose is very simple, since it is planned in the implementation of the project, there is a budget for promotion and sales, rather than by deducting the Nagato effort to complete its growth station; secondly, as a an attempt to commercial projects, we will not be lost to the local interests of small owners, we need is in the support of the majority of owners will be as fast China sales do better, more levels and reputation.

Alliance on monthly advertising Commission statement:

      fifth horizon advertising media (The5v.Com) and Chinese videoinfo jointly launched 200 thousand yuan monthly purchasing advertising solicitation, the webmaster feedback a lot of valuable information, for our advertising expenses have been questioned. On the monthly advertising fee and do not conform to the requirements of fifth The5v.Com on the horizon, advertising media make a special statement:

      advertising alliance on monthly.

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