Controlling Google keyword marketing contextual advertising

Will your Google keyword advertising search ad advertising context. Why?

2 the content of advertising effect is not good (in most cases)

3 single track, which is more suitable for your situation

4 in search of statistical data to increase transparency

5 the context of advertising activities, Google has a "reverse site features"

in advertising and in Google

search network

content network

create two independent advertising, only a select search network box, select only the contents of another network frame. Search advertising and content advertising (contextual advertising) target customers may vary greatly. We call it the searcher (active) and the visitor (passive). The searchers actively type the keywords that you are bidding for. You will see the ads that are triggered by the contextual advertising system, and they are more passive, because they do not enter specific keywords in the search bar.

Organic Coffee

organic coffee beans

organic coffee even bargain

Let us assume that

, most active in the search bar (search) input "even bargain coffee" the people are interested in buying coffee even bargain. Tempt them to make real purchases from your site in a separate article. If a GoogleAdSense publisher has proved that the author even bargain coffee process. People reading this article (visitors) may not even bargain to buy coffee. They may be more interested in economics and political science even bargain. Track Google content ads, if you receive a lot of clicks but no sales, or adjust the content of your ad text, or to reduce the price of the auction or reduce the focus on the list of keywords. For example, if the list of keywords was originally synthesized from search advertising and content advertising, then.

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