Worth doing recommend several pop Alliance


although very boring, but this is the most direct way to convert the flow of money. There are a lot of webmaster friends have a small number of garbage stations, from the statistics point of view, repeat customers are less than ten percent. So, why waste the flow, the horse is too wicked, but some pop is the reason.

station have a number of years, a lot of contact with pop alliance, here choose some excellent recommend. As for those who often hang horse or pop low, and bad reputation is not introduced.

is a personal first run Qi alliance, pop-up rate should be the highest. That day I IP2 million on the station, every day can pop up around 10 thousand and 5, it is 50 yuan. In addition qirun temptation to click on ads than good, Qihoo and temptation, and basically do not buckle. Do not deduct the amount of their own feelings, the day IP2 million, 3000 days to click on, I think even if the amount is not deducted how much buckle. The same IP, to income is double Qihoo.

Qi run weekly settlement, the settlement of 100 yuan, the account is very timely.

registered address: http://s.www.keyrun.com/

The second is

two. Nine wins alliance, nine wins letter should also pop up very high, but the personal feeling of some quantity. 20 thousand IP may also pop up to 6, 7 thousand, about $20 per day. But the settlement is also very straightforward, is also the week settlement, paid 80 yuan.

registered address: http://s.www.9v.cn/

three. To recommend a ripple, actually I only do fluctuating CPA advertising, to pop down not clear ripple. But according to the same group of friends, this effect is ok. So also hair up.

registered address: http://s.www.myad.cn/

In addition we

to be vigilant about the price, pop is normal in every 1000 times between 3~6 yuan, more than the basic is linked to the horse. Just like ip686, a 10 thousand ip=120 price above is naked hanging horse, even kill all province, so don’t want to be a friend of K search engine is best not to touch.

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