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entrepreneurship is to advance towards the society, is also a good opportunity to exercise their own, so in college when the students have opened their own business, of course, many schools also encourage students to entrepreneurship, and provide a lot of support, but can survive the venture proportion is very small, so I give a share from Guanggong entrepreneurship story to everyone of you today, I hope the students can give some reference to the business on the road.



project can be said that almost has nothing to do with Internet, their sales and promotion work mostly online, in fact, I am more optimistic about online do good project, after all, the Internet is only a secondary sales channels, and the network competition advantage, usually just college students in the Internet are not obvious. When students want to directly face the business and brand are very mature competitors on the Internet, usually naked, so the next line and surrounding resources should be integrated into your most power line, after all resources around you and easier to learn and easier to get. In fact, there are a lot of physical stores to send leaflets than you do any kind of network marketing effect is better, so do not simply infatuated with network marketing business, to learn how to find a marketing approach.

o Cong

I know ah Chung has more than two years, he was already doing Casma clothing, Casma is very clear positioning is to provide special service for college students, the formal interview for the graduates, and is specialized in men’s clothing, women’s competition is too big, and the City University of Technology campus wide and the ratio of cases reached 13:1, so choose to be men’s or relative wise. This project is a clever with 4 students work together to start, we put together 30 thousand pieces of start-up capital passionately started their business trip. Project leader is responsible for the purchase application Cong, promotion, sales, etc., the development of campus agent etc. work together shared by other partners.

at the beginning of the store opened in the Southern District of Panyu University City business, here to stroll very few people, the entire business district is relatively deserted, opened here is the biggest reason for cheap rent. Because of the flow of people less, and usually have class, so the business model needs to be appropriately adjusted, then the birth of a strange entity shop sales model is an appointment to the service, this is different from the door, but what time are you free to store, we first make an appointment, then the owner will according to the ahead of time to wait for the customer to the store, they will help the size of the volume, and then pick pick tie clothing and so on, finally complete the sale, it seems not well executed, they should be done through the following, ah Chung shared his business experience.

Southern old store

because few people want to go south, who contributed to the business flow shop is very difficult, so the focus of the work to the development of students in the school "agent.

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