Web Union operations diary the embarrassment of the trust industry alliance website

operation easy loan financing Chinese ambassador and website alliance has been there for some time, but the growth rate is not much of a breakthrough, growth in every basic * stable, now there are about 200000 financing ambassadors and site Union members. Although reached the expected target, but the work is to prove himself, not to eat the previous one, which makes me very headache.

I also understand that the biggest obstacle to personal webmaster, Ambassador website alliance and financing trust, online loan is easy loan Chinese a new model, realized capital and capital circulation network, but we recognize that this kind of website is not enough, a lot of people still do not understand. For this reason, webmasters may suspect that the amount of the union or malicious to make pre evaluation is not passed. But, we should understand that the loan application does not pass through the pre assessment should be the biggest victim of easy credit Chinese, because the loan volume is easy loan Chinese life, so the platform will not deliberately rejecting loan applications.

unfortunately, no matter how I explain, webmasters and financing ambassadors still can not fully believe. I can understand now China webmaster why doubt alliance integrity, because there are too many precedents, have been full of hope webmaster again hurt disappointed, finally despair, so the only choice in that very few in the league, missed a lot of opportunities. Another point is diandaqike, Baidu alliance is not notorious, but also repeated quantity, but owners have no choice, have to rely on Baidu union to survive, because Baidu in the China influence is really too big, this is typical of diandaqike.

today’s Web site advertising the lack of good faith, to let owners believe that this is attributed to the conscience of those who violate the main hard labor union website to website. But I can only China in one place, sitting in front of the computer, keyboard, and on your QQ contact, you can not go to the front of you, care. But I still believe that the intention, please also believe that such a Chinese, so many website alliance, gradually improve the network order, there are still many alliance website is integrity, and the website alliance is willing to win.

in the future there will be Chinese millions, even tens of millions of people to join the circle of the Internet, and ultimately those not the integrity of the site, with the passage of time will be at the station to abandon, I don’t want to do that one, so I hope I can make a good faith of the Internet, I hope is to prove himself, instead of being spurned.

finally, I hope those who support and wait easy loan and financing Chinese website alliance Ambassador friends said: we may not be able to let you become a billionaire, but we promise to give you a not lie "friend"


if you would like to believe us, please support us

if you don’t believe us, please believe that you will find your own confidence in the alliance!

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