GoogleAdsense cheating is not a technical contest

Many people think that putting Google Adsense cheating is in the contest with Google technology, which is a naive ridiculous ideas and attitudes. Although I do not object to anyone and any form of cheating, I believe many people earn a lot of money by cheating.

two of the most basic principles of my

1, do not discuss Google Adsense cheating in the ad publisher Forum

2, cheating people have a sense of shame

Google Adsense is a game, any game has its rules, but unfortunately we can not participate in the development of rules, and the rules of the unreasonable places in the right to recommend a small. Fortunately, the publisher has enough time to learn the rules of the game before the game, and then decide whether or not to participate in the game. I applaud those who follow the rules, and I don’t object to those who cheat, but I don’t like people who cheat and criticize the rules.

Google Adsense premise is to trust all publishers. So the application process simply cannot imagine any other advertising than not, you only need to provide basic information to you, even you can take this Sina website to apply for Sina advertising if the domain name is not used, only one reason that Google Adsense is completely trust before cooperation the publisher.

if you proved that you do not trust, that is to say you are cheating because stop account, this time there is no need to complain. Even if you have enough determination to start from scratch, Google may not necessarily accept it, because it is not easy for anyone, including yourself, to rebuild trust. Can you lend me 10 dollars, I was not yet even said I did not lend you money, over a period of time I told you I was wrong, I hope you lend me ten dollars and then will put money together back to you, and there are 100 people like me talking to you like this if you will give us the 100 person to borrow money?

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