Free precision shop promotion every day really multiple orders

played in Taobao for so long, but also wrote a lot of posts. Always want to Shen Jing, all is the participation of some of the experience of predecessors, and become a flood of posts. Born without grace cells, ashamed ah. For a few days of ideological struggle, or the courage to write some of their own real ideas and experience. Know the shopkeeper please do not Paizhuan; don’t use this extension dispensers, hoping to help you, and you can bring real orders. As long as the promotion of precision, into the store 10 people will be expected to have a turnover of 7 people this is the last one in my shop opened more than a month before the experience and the experience of the experience, I believe all of you to help the second.

promotion of this technique is to use Baidu space to publish and promote their own shops and product information. May be a lot of dispensers will ask, a promotion method is so simple, so good really? This is understandable, if I not to experience it, maybe I will also have the same question. Please continue to carefully read the following content, you will get a surprise oh.

into my shop every day, not much traffic, an average of about 70-90, can be a real volume every day in 3-6 single. The highest day of the transaction of 9 single, my shop reputation so low, every day there are so many orders. Do you think it’s weird?. (some people may say that my order is not out of the brush? It is like that is excusable, he may never reached such orders. But you know, Taobao system so intelligent, your every act and every move will be recorded clearly. I want to brush, then will wait until today, has long been blocked or sealed. Really do not believe, you can find me the customer confirmed) and some of the shopkeeper several times better than my business there, just a minority. My baby is a low price advantage, but the price is low, there is no precise flow, I am sure to say: there is no such turnover. Less than 100 of the daily traffic, there are several shops so many orders. Oh, very few.

many people will be familiar with Baidu space, but did not make good use of it. We choose the advantage of Baidu space is:

1, you release the article in the space, whether it is copied or original, will soon be ranked on the first page of the search.

2, released in the space of a large number of shops, product information and connectivity, will not be deleted.

3, Baidu is the search engine on the boss, there is 2/3 in the use of it. This can imagine Baidu one day how much traffic? If you can make good use of Baidu, even if you divide it up one thousandth of the flow of a day, you can sit every day with counting money.

space promotion is also to talk about skills, not just about the shop, product information on the end of the. Then from the space of the application, the decoration of the page, shop and product release, update the article every day, and then to treasure

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