Low cost electronic commerce Wangzhuan dumping strategy analysis

electronic commerce with the rapid development of Internet has been rapidly expanding, it is said that the next three years of domestic e-commerce into 1000% growth momentum, you can see the future of the Internet most opportunities will appear in the field of electronic commerce network is the largest…… application of information sharing, so when the traditional industry business to catch the high-speed train. Many of the old model has been eliminated, high-speed transmission, sharing of information, can create more business opportunities, accelerate the expansion of your money.

traditional sales, such as supermarkets in rice, it is generally higher than the price of the amount of money to sell, businesses earn a little difference. But in the era of e-commerce, there are many things that we can change a way of thinking, not only higher than the cost price, but also much lower than the cost price of similar dumping may have to sell, this is how to do?

first: the choice of goods: the nature of the product can be copied, such as: training materials, software, etc.

second: looking for a specific group of people, lock the specific needs of the crowd.

third: find the resources needed for the crowd, buy high, sell low.

analysis: why low cost price can still make money?

because, generally need to buy things, buy the probability is very low, but it will often be dumping berserk.

is said to sell people earn a small part of the population is the money they earn so much, we buy high, then dumping out, then sell more, because these materials can be infinitely replicated, so there is a problem, soon to sell the number profit.

These are some of my

, because I’ve just started to do the experiment, just to sort out some of the material before yesterday to spend money to buy, today will put up http://s.yyage.cn in G Taobao off this crowd collection procedures, marketing tools and tutorials, each tool is a registered machine, a total of continued to buy how much the ocean does not calculate, anyway, you have, make copies sold to people in need, the price into the price of cabbage…

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