Price standard for Web Design

  " family rules, state laws, " web design standard price appears to have been " ", no " rules; law; ". Each company, studio out of the price list are different, there is no uniform standard. This is worthy of scrutiny, this phenomenon is not a normal phenomenon? Take the price of vegetables, although the price index is different, but in the same market, on the same day, in different stalls, the price of some vegetables are basically the same. However, in the same area, the design of two different companies, the design of the web is often inconsistent. This leads to competition, competition is benign and malignant. If the competition between the two companies is the design level, it is a healthy competition; if the competition between the two companies are competing for cheap, it is vicious competition. This web design is an emerging industry, but also in the domestic development of a few years, is more and more urgent need for " " law; price standard industry.

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