The project positioning of online Entrepreneurship

in the network business began in 2009, is now third years; from the beginning of a line to now still in this line. There is some bitterness, but there is nothing to tell. Entrepreneurs should not be the same as others, life is not the same, not the same experience, of course, income will not be the same!

three years ago, the choice of network business, it can be said to be an opportunity for me to choose the impulse of the cause – e-commerce. The company is invested by four, sit building industry recruitment website construction in Hunan talent network, Hunan two construction division affiliated to today I’m the only one left, and today’s achievements in a word: left for the king! The bitterness is beginning to get to the


if the target is compared to a ship sailing in the sea, then I can use the project as a compass, or a destination on the map.

selected items should not be divorced from reality, the shop is very large. If you want to become a billionaire, breath made Baidu, then I dare to assert that this project will not run for more than a year.

why? The reason is very simple, you are what you want to do, but what no good; like primary school textbooks which said the monkey took the lost one, found nothing at the end. Where there is no failure. I am an example. Start thinking to do the national market, as if it were raining flowers, always say how to do, I can! But this is only my company now leads a boss.

there is no thing to make money, there is no certain loss of money, the Internet is the same!

suggested that we combine their actual situation to locate a project, do not blindly imitate. Otherwise it will be difficult to turn back. Before I was to do the national market, behind the discovery of Changsha and Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, the geographical advantage is incomparable, and found that I and other people’s personality is a considerable difference in all aspects of. Of course, we are not inferior. But we 11 years ago we lost badly. Place is not the same, people are not the same, then the location of the project is certainly not the same. For their own is the best.


1 Internet business under the best combination of online and offline operations. Anti risk ability will be greatly improved!

2 project positioning early (plate shop how much) first look at how much money they have, how many things can be done, what things, how long can the worst plan;

3 human resources, this is what you want to do all the projects, but also in the early stages of entrepreneurship to help you the greatest strength, if this does not know how to use, then you go back to work. As for why you will understand what I say once you start a business.

4 have a good understanding of the market, must be their own understanding of the region, humanities, ethos, >

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