Hand in hand to money with 51wan achieve 3 the year of the ox jump

At the beginning of the new year

, 51wan.com here! Thanks to each big website, Webmaster Station in 2008 to help 51wan, now 51wan.com launched the "year of the ox 3 hop 51wan.com promotion alliance incentive activities.


before January 31, 2009 are entitled to join the "year of the ox 3 hop discount promotion alliance is divided into the proportion of sales of water from 7%, to promote sales of water (1-25%) *25% (equivalent to 18.75% of the sales of water, 25% comprehensive channel cost).

join conditions:

application time: from now until January 31, 2009

browser to promote the promotion of cooperation, independent of IP above 50 can enjoy the above treatment, 51wan will be random checks.

enjoy sharing time:

through cooperation to promote the connection, bringing new registered users within six months.

termination condition:

browser to promote cooperation connection for 3 consecutive days (including the day of) IP are lower than the 50, will automatically terminate this cooperation, sales are still divided into sales of water by the proportion of the settlement of 7%.

above IP data monitoring to 51wan system, the third party detection 51wan only accept Yahoo system monitoring data.

also what to join the 51wan to promote the league, earning money for the New Year!

join connection: http://s.union.51wan.com/

Three reasons for

to choose 51wan:

1, 10, "the truth of 1

51wan Chinese first web game platform operators at the same time, the balance of 10 different styles of web games, military, martial arts, animation, the magic of everything, can provide more choice of game player. The website only registered, the RMB can be replaced at any time to enter the game player game, the consumption cycle will be longer and more stable, to ensure that the joint promotion can obtain more lasting benefits.

2, 51wan quality assurance

1wan as China web game platform first, R & D and agents of the game must be a boutique, "JX Web" is China large mature client game change, first opened the prelude to the blockbuster era Chinese web games.

51wan management team and customer service team is the elite network game has many years of operating experience, 51wan platform is Chinese’s first focus on the web game website, the web game market and grasp the user are in a leading position in china.

3, the integrity of the team

51wan game and a long time to the integrity of the game’s reputation to make 51wan in the minds of the players created >

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