How do earn into the ranks of the cheated

2009, the work of my efforts, coupled with my luck, let me go to work in the computer to work, every day on the Internet to find a free thing (everyone likes to pick up cheap)

suddenly one day, I can use the Internet to find free mobile phone call, so I went to this free phone forum began posting to make calls, suddenly one day see the administrator posts: hair every day 30, minimum 400 yuan; so I wonder, the network also can make money but think about? Just to help him to post, anyway idle is idle, see if you can earn money.

then I follow the tutorial he made, find the site, post, submit……

the past two months, with the post and my Wangzhuan friends asked what time the boss wages, he pushed a day a day later, everyone is really no way to call the company, they say this and that……

this time I really regret it, if you can not get the money I do, but things on the network, he really does not give you no way ah, it seems that the network is deceptive, can not make money. Thought of here I really regret, although the post is not tired, but sometimes I post to the late night ah, alas, really helpless

ten days later, one of the friends of Wangzhuan suddenly gave me information, said wages, you have? I open my Alipay look, oh, really fat, but I only have 200, the first time to earn money on the Internet really taste good, so I took the money for his wife bought a birthday gift, think you are very sweet (although very little money, but at least let me believe that the network could actually make money)

since I believe that the network can really make money, to start the search in Baidu enter some Wangzhuan, Wangzhuan forum, begin to contact the registration, click, unfortunately, click on the registration task I did not get a penny, then a Wangzhuan friends told me on the Internet, since can make money, also can get money I said, looking for no authority of money, he then sent a URL to me, let me go to register, said that the voting task, one day earn 20 or so, I will follow his tips in.

three days later, I suddenly found that he gave me the task of voting site, one about 0.2 minutes! Think how much can one day? I earn the most on the day the 5 fast, can be said to be my own problems; then one day I saw the information I have to vote a line, I just entered Wangzhuan, really do not know what is on the line, but I see I have an offline address, I see, is a registration page, slowly I will know, the original development of a line each have a certain commission to the line, I think the vote was introduced some people earn a lot of money for the novice like me


until one day, I met the devil, he said he opened a new forum on higher tutorials, I’ll go to patronize, to actually very lonely, I did not care how, after a period of time, the forum.

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