The first video rely on what to make money

first of all video sharing billing method

in accordance with the number of ads broadcast to complete the calculation of income, 8 yuan /1000 times.

if this is the case. I have been thinking, the first video does not lose ah. Later found that will show public service ads. I understand how the first video is to make money.

The surface of

, put the video to get the opportunity to show us the money.

In fact, we note that

did not, after the end of the video, there will be some provocative links. The first video should rely mainly on these money. Just like GOOGLE’s text ads. And we put the webmaster can not get this part of the effect of advertising into.

first video in order to earn more money, but also want to listen to a public service ads show. After the public service ads or text ads, this is part of their income. I believe that we should understand here the first video of the inside of it. My graphic data has been 0, how much of this data is what they say (


below is my website ( made a few days the first video data for your reference to understand

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