Witkey online to earn extra money selling creative design

Shanghai now has many white-collar workers to earn extra money by selling their own creative design on the Internet, even as a means of livelihood, this type of collar is called "Witkey", the English is Witkey, namely wit and key key words of wisdom.

The staff of

China customers the largest pig Witkey website recently in an interview with reporters that, according to incomplete statistics, the site is now Shanghai "Witkey" more than 10 people. But according to the reporter, at present the domestic professional Witkey website tens of ten, the Shanghai area of Witkey actually far more than 100 thousand people.

graduated from the Career Technical College Qiu Liang, since half a year ago to become power guest gens, has invested hundreds of design manuscripts in a Witkey website, which is 22 times the employer design phase, he successfully put the design fee of 6700 yuan in the bag. The 19 year old boy in Jiangsu, "90" became a Witkey gave him not only money. Last week, he was admitted to a design company in Putuo District and became a full-time interface designer. The design works by the company that he favored in more than and 10 that he designed as Witkey network works.

earlier this month, an investment advisory company issued a company Logo and VI design task in a Witkey website, offering a reward for the price of 500 yuan, the task duration of 15 days. In the consulting firm issued a reward, there have been 44 people in the deadline in the submission, from Shanghai ID design called xiongfhmin Witkey employers phase. According to the site on the reward task, the provisions of the 28 accounts, he received $400 manuscript remuneration, the remaining hundred dollars to the site.

In addition to

submission "Witkey task reward", but also "auction bidding task". The tender offer is high, time-consuming tasks, generally in the thousands of dollars to million yuan. So the employer will start early in the task is selected to complete the bidding task witkey".


Witkey websites with creative design, but there are also other design tasks, such as "500 yuan for the name of the enterprise", "100 yuan to the Yangxing female baby named", "300 yuan for the hotel regulations", "450 yuan to beautify the website home page", "100 yuan resume translation" indeed, all kinds of.

in some Witkey website, the reporter found that some employers released a number of "grey" tasks, such as "500 yuan for an article to be published in the provincial journals", "300 yuan for the administration of undergraduate thesis", this kind of reward task have an impact on the morality of Witkey mode and website business value.

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