Webmaster self discipline from me

network (www.53y.com) (the first two-way network advertising trading platform) recently issued a proposal to the majority of owners:

webmaster self-discipline starting from me

The harm of cheating

tantamount to shooting itself in the foot, also smashed the integrity of stationmaster feet, to establish a credit system, let the webmaster self-discipline together, mutual supervision and reporting of bad faith webmaster. The following write their feelings and we encourage each other.

honest man, integrity do stand

against cheating and cheating

resolutely fight with the cheaters in the end

defended the stationmaster’s reputation and home

we are pioneers in the development of the Internet

we have a keen perspective, intelligence and hard work

is pregnant with the future of the Internet in new

today is a humble webmaster

Tomorrow is the backbone of the Internet

then continued a shock of the myth of the Internet

do stand is our pursuit of happiness

money is God’s best reward for our hard work

today’s hard work will become tomorrow’s rich harvest

‘s self-discipline will now gain more respect and reward

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