Programmers open Taobao shop shop

graduated from 2003, has been engaged in and procedures related to the work, has been thought to be a loyal user of Taobao, a lot of high cost can be found on Taobao. There has been the idea of opening a Taobao shop, but just stay in the idea, there is no real action.

time passed quickly, 2013 has come, and it has been 4 months. I graduated nearly 10 years, and I think about the work of the first 10 years, I met a lot of friends, learning a lot of professional knowledge. But I can tell my daughter and my father did what work, and daughter to show off, did not think of A.

had a lot of ideas before 2013, but none of them was actually done. Beginning this year, I want to change the idea, want to do a good job, and strive to explore, even if it is not successful, you can also learn a lot of knowledge, people will live a little more!

just issued a purchase order in Hongkong, a lot of friends let me live on the edge of the port to help people buy milk powder. Has been free of charge before, and sometimes even posted the fare, purchasing more people, they feel embarrassed, I was encouraged to open a Taobao shop. So I have money, and their baby can also have a long version of the Hong Kong version of milk to drink, for both sides is a good thing!

thank you for watching I wordily finished so much, to get to the next, what to do to open a Taobao store? Mainly involves the main goods supply, logistics, Taobao store,



has been free to help a friend before buying Hongkong milk powder, his past Hongkong is also very convenient, then the source of goods from Hong kong. Many people advised me not to do this and the purchase of milk, and heavy, and low profits, only to earn money. As purchasing cosmetics, gold jewelry, the table delicacies from land and sea.

because my family before Hong Kong Hong Kong version of milk powder, so I have a little understanding of the milk powder in Hongkong, I can solve a considerable part of the customer to Hong Kong version of the question of milk powder. Others do not provide any advice. After comprehensive consideration, decided to start from the purchase of milk powder. Hongkong has a lot of kinds of milk powder, according to the classification of shop, pharmacy, maternal stores, supermarkets; according to the formula, a Hong Kong Version, pure imported; in order to ensure the quality, I chose Hongkong’s largest supermarket Watsons, based in Wanning, although the supply price will have dozens of pieces of expensive than medicine store however, dozens of blocks to buy at ease was worth it. That is my source of supply from Hongkong is the best and most regular supermarket goods, to ensure the quality of milk powder!



in China, especially in Shenzhen, express the best reputation is "SF EXPRESS", since it is the best choice of milk powder has been, the courier should choose the best, although not to the provincial general > mailing SF

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