Do Wangzhuan first to find their own position

first introduce myself, I am a software developer, has a stable and fairly good treatment work of software development, website production is still a bit of understanding, the industry also has entered Wangzhuan for over 1 years, not for anything else, just to earn some pocket money.

do Wangzhuan first to give yourself a position, what is the objective? I want to touch my views on how to do Wangzhuan:

one, to understand their own

do Wangzhuan or most ready to do Wangzhuan is students, just work friends, wages are not high wage earners, anyway you want to earn more money, I belong to the second class. If you do not want to make money online, I advise you to leave early this circle.

two, recognize the industry

you can Google, baidu check, take Baidu index, there are more than 6000+ friends search "this two word Wangzhuan" in Baidu every day, what is it? That many newcomers want to earn extra money, Chinese poor, especially for our order people poorer! So there are a lot of people under the banner of "earn thousands to fool these newcomers, also led the industry confusion, the novice do not know how to start, even if the entry is in a disastrous state, even cheated was shy of the pockets! This too many examples, remember when just entering the industry it was recommended to me, what helped me do a website, like him, asked me to pay more than and 200 dollars, I can earn thousands of yuan package, but he is not willing to computer background,


three, in the face of reality, the novice can earn a month?

How many

novice can earn a month? It is likely that many novice are most concerned about the issue, but the reality may make a lot of people disappointed me, do not know from what, you spend at least 20+ hours, can really start making money, one month after opening can really benefit! Just starting to yield, every day can earn 10 yuan if a few good, of course, this is the time to earn more! Is not very disappointed! Think of real life, a white-collar workers the average wage in Nanjing for one month only about 3000 yuan, or 100 yuan / day. To work 8 hours a day and you? If you can persist for 2 hours will be able to have a relatively good income every day, I say is insist! Should be satisfied, if you feel less then

…How do Wangzhuan



model is: do Wangzhuan + recommend others (referral)

" " myself; is a inevitable stage, don’t want to eat into a big fat man, the sky one day fall millions, even if you pick it up for you at ease? Do " " although hard, but the only way we can accumulate intangible wealth of knowledge can! Earn more money


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