Taobao and you 100 thousand Taobao

today announced that it will carry out strategic cooperation with interactive entertainment community Jiuyou new network marketing model, the depth of excavation, and on the basis of "Taobao paid off promotion", the goal is to create a 100 thousand "Taobao" employment opportunities for the society. This is the first time Taobao open Taobao guest promotion platform. Through this platform, any Internet users can help the sale of goods, Taobao network and earn commissions.

will be placed in the Taobao shop, the promotion of the work to thousands of human flesh marketing army, has become an effective choice for the current network of retail businesses.

consumers to click to buy, after closing businesses pay commissions — "Taobao customer promotion" unique "according to the new mode of payment transactions, for businesses, can make the traditional" pay per click "promotion" or click on the "trick to hide, can greatly improve the accuracy of advertising advertising model, to avoid the traditional" I know that half of the waste of advertising, but do not know which half waste "dilemma.

Taobao is expected in 1 – 2 years, the business will participate in more than 1 million people. Your director of advertising and business center Zhang Di said, hope that through this cooperation, in the depressed economic environment, providing 100 thousand jobs for the society.

e-commerce expert Jing Linbo told the economic times Chinese, Taobao cooperation with you to the other vertical sites a revelation, enrich the vertical sites profit means, and may become a model for the field of Internet industry integration, create a different edge value.

Jing Linbo believes that many Web2.0 site users, both active, stylish, but also a fashion class, IT product categories, daily consumption of direct consumers, which is Taobao guest promotion, an important goal. "Jiuyou offers users a platform of Taobao customer promotion", can provide an online market place and entrepreneurial opportunities for their millions of users. For both sides, it is a win-win move.

and Taobao, your cooperation is similar, just a few days ago, Thousand Oaks also started cooperation with elong.

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