The Six Meridian Swords website to make money

Dali Six Meridian Swords, with the internal force as the foundation, practice to height can hurt, in the invisible. Six network promotion sword as Mr Xi, but also can be popularized in the invisible website, just use a can greatly enhance the visibility of the site, bring huge traffic. But also need your own website content can have real value. Otherwise easy obsessions, those so-called hackers like slightly cracking off. Shen, Shen! Now sister retreat for 3 years of painstaking research, finally, the Six Meridian Swords again revised, reduced to seven pulse excalibur.

A: SEO technology. Search engine optimization. has been selling his books at the price of more than a thousand dollars each. Can be seen in its weight, there are a lot of free online resources, so basically every webmaster will be a little bit, the basic popularity has been based on the article. Hope that we can continue to work hard. Breakthrough to improve the article, reached the supreme. The ultimate effect is a Yang finger.

second pulse: using the theory of six degrees. You only need six friends to know the whole world. It can be seen that every webmaster. First of all, to their six friends recommend their own site, but also to each friend of the six friends are recommended to the six friends. And let the rules go on, so you don’t have to go through ten times, and your site is known to everyone on earth. It can be seen that its efficacy is better than the first. But why is that few people use? I think the main website or their gold content is not high, not what is the value to the user. So to promote this trick, first of all, do your own site, everywhere for your friends and your users. Otherwise if the rule breaks. Isn’t it a big chance to waste. Therefore, it is only suitable for one or two strokes. Careful, cautious.

third pulse: do good. This is not good for you to see the roadside for half a day from the dole out pocket 10 Fen, then run away. You don’t have to. Just when you go to others forum also offer a little love. Hui paste, write some articles, click on those ads. Of course, don’t forget to sell yourself, so if things go on like this, if everyone form the atmosphere, so the future to everyone. Use key points: must do with conscience. Avoid.

: it is said that at present fourth veins have been lost, everyone together to find. As for the young mans blue sky in the same day package, welcome to provide clues.

fifth pulse: EQU tactics. EMAIL, QQ, UC, QQ buy 1000, buy 2000 UC, set the number of women, day and night to hang, crazy spam.

Chapter six:

use Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, ready to work:

Baidu space one, 2 staff, but also the use of the machine is not the same as IP.

find Sogou index. To see a keyword, and then to the key word for the name, search a key word and this article > >