Shielding price GG advertising increase GG advertising unit price

these GG ad adsence cheat free QQ advertising is part of the online collection, and the other part is their own, and we want to help. Google doesn’t care, then we’re self-sufficient.

shielding method is very simple, landing Adsense background, enter the Adsense settings – competitive advertising filter, add the domain name can be.

relevant information:

generally speaking, a lot of friends station, host domain name station price is very low. GG low-cost advertising more and more, most of these stations are selling virtual products, and some are to promote the Firefox, the domain name with free domain name, but also some two domain name.

GG advertising low price is mostly using GG GG advertising promotion to make the difference, there is a free film and video dating advertisements. Especially movie and dating advertising is especially easy to produce invalid clicks. These advertisers use various keywords, their advertising display on our website because they. Our advertising, click on price becomes very low. The first is a list of my shield: