Where is your credit union nine wins

It is said that nine wins

advertising alliance is a faith-based, customer first alliance.

but I had 1 months of nine wins advertising alliance, December two thousand dollars to 1 cents to return now. I know the other owners even worse some 2 months of advertising has been in arrears. I also like to find them for 1 months, there is no clear answer, always an excuse to shirk.

today, a person in charge also told me that because the manufacturers owe them money, they will try to recover the arrears, and then pay a part of the webmaster. Also hope that the webmaster understand if you don’t understand, I don’t need to endure until today this article, ask you who understand me alliance, also said that if I do not believe you can ask manufacturers. It is not you can make, let manufacturers give money how I feel as if I were to do as soon as possible, direct advertisers advertising, but I am in nine wins Alliance (9V) under the effect of the first ad.

I am dizzy, that is the truth, the person in charge of nine wins alliance, you dare to stand up and tell us the webmaster, your model is so. Your honesty is such? Companies owe you money, you can we owe money right!? manufacturers don’t trust, you can not talk about the credibility of commitment!? what month week end, it is that!? honesty, customer first is this


now is the winter of the Internet, we have a bad day, it is in this moment to reflect the value of good faith. I shouted honesty, honesty nine win, when the real test comes, you don’t do the tortoise, give us these Adsense a faith-based action.

figure 1:



data is not convenient to disclose, excuse me


I don’t understand the alliance, also need to have an understanding of time account, not vague excuses. I was nine wins the union staff full time in January but, I just couldn’t help write the article to call.

you look at this article Webmaster: such a thing happened, who is not willing to be parties, please look at the friend, please stretch out your hand, help top up, we look down, look at the nine wins alliance is how to treat the matter, see nine wins alliance is the turtle is honesty. In addition, I will be deeply grateful to you.