Pacific time on January 12th at 10 a m GG Adsense maintenance system

tomorrow morning at 10 to download the point of 3, our engineers will maintain our system, then can not enter the system query log. But the rest of the time is ok.

to help you understand the maintenance time, here is the time of the city:

London: 6 p.m.


Beijing time:
Saturday in Moscow

Jakarta: 1 a.m. Sunday

the following is English!

  first forwarding

Bauer (

) translation

Maintenance on Saturday, January 12 at 10am PST

Tomorrow from, 10am to 2pm, our engineers will be performing routine system maintenance. You know the drill: you won’t be able to log in to your account during these 4 hours but rest, assured that we’ll keep serving ads to your pages and tracking all clicks and impressions in your account.

To help you around the maintenance, we’ve converted start to the local in a number of cities around the time world:

time the plan

London – 6 pm />Moscow 11:30 – Saturday
Bangalore – PM />Jakarta – am Sunday
Sydney – 5 am Sunday


Thanks for patience your, and a great weekend!


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