Choose to get married or die hard startups of cloud storage


married or death? Although the domestic cloud storage market has not officially started shuffling, but to survive in the cracks of the giant cloud storage startups in the future knead the sweat.

barely support

veteran SkyDrive RayFile in an independent "IT times" interview repeatedly mentioned the word, it also reflects the current situation of domestic entrepreneurial companies are engaged in cloud storage. Although the RayFile early in the 2007 launch of SkyDrive products, and quickly became the industry leader SkyDrive. But with the giants have entered into this industry, RayFile day is getting worse. According to reports, Baidu launched SkyDrive service within two days, RayFile power plummeted 20%, only about 1/8 of the peak flow (when the amount was up to 4 million PV daily). In the server, removed a number of limited space, reduce the bandwidth, and as far as possible in the "do more" ads, they are just barely profitable.

some start-up companies may be lucky, they can get investment. Cool disk is one of them. Cool disk in September 2010 to get a well-known angel investors Xue pretty angel investment, and in January 2011 to complete the A round of financing in October 2011 to complete the $20 million B round of financing. But not all entrepreneurial companies are so lucky, most of the startups in danger, a wo SkyDrive leader Zhuang Zhanyu said, in order to stabilize the user resources and traffic, and they take the users into advertising Commission, only 150 thousand yuan monthly investment in hardware, failed to reach profitability.

in the forum, available for download storage service providers by RayFile, nano plate, 115 SkyDrive have gradually turned into a cloud storage service, HUAWEI SkyDrive, Baidu cloud thunder fast disk, Kingsoft disk and other large companies for users. Those who have the situation products who can only continue to walk in the gray income margin, to attract traffic and users by adult movies, pirated resources released the download link on the limited advertising into to maintain website survival. These sites once bigger, it will face regulatory risk, 115 SkyDrive experience to explain the problem.

abroad, cloud storage start-ups are also facing the same problem. With the Google, apple, Microsoft, Amazon and other giants have launched a cloud storage services, cloud storage start-ups have to confront these independent giants of the competition, companies are Megaupload, Fileserve, Rapidshare, Filesonic, Mmediafire, Hotfile and other similar RayFile by SkyDrive released adult movies, pirated resources download link to attract traffic and the user may have a good.