Offbeat promotion of crime and punishment that FireFox

      this afternoon, a friend sent a message to me to help him to upgrade the IE. I was busy, they readily sent him a package download address, and then command his way "next", soon after his IE6 upgrade to IE7. who knows, is not over five minutes, the users will be sent a message: "how is my computer or that I IE version is too low?" I felt something strange, then asked him about the details, the results of his answer: I almost let me open a blood * * website, will pop up a message saying "your IE the version is too low, there is a risk……"

      may be a lot of friends have understood what is going on, this so-called upgrade tips, in fact, is the recent trend of flooding into the Firefox variant ad


Chinese dilemma The climate does not suit one..

      as one of the biggest threat to Microsoft’s Firefox browser, can be used to describe the outstanding, it not only has the advantages of small size, high speed, and the plug-in is rich, can well meet the different needs of various critical users. However, due to historical and other reasons, the Firefox share in the global browser the market is still very low, so the promotion has become an important work of Mozilla


      2005, Mozilla and Google announced a strategic partnership, Google began to promote the Google toolbar with Firefox using the Adsense platform, the webmaster as long as the success of the development of a new Firefox user, you can get up to $1 reward. This return is very attractive, for a time the Internet is full of propaganda Firefox Google advertising, the promotion of Firefox and.

on the fast track

      however, a lot of things to China will be added to China features, Firefox is no exception. As a result of the promotion of Firefox proceeds, ordinary advertising hits cannot satisfy people’s greed, some owners will be playing the evil idea: deception, intimidation, also some websites simply use the JS code to important content page in the hidden, only use Firefox to browse a variety of "creative", emerge in an endless stream. Later on, simply appeared a group of professional cheat Firefox ads, and use SEO technology to search engine pollution in a complete mess, although several clean-up, still can be in the search the engine of the first page to see a lot of such "dump".

      Google < > money to The loss outweighs the gain..