Analysis of the causes of beginner does not earn money

The development of

, up to today, large and small sites and the number of the stampede in, but was eliminated in the website development, why do some sites, some sites do not make money, people can put the site do very well, but some people can only do the website closed? What kinds of people do do not make money? Now, according to my many years of experience for the webmaster, you analyze:

first class people: less than three months to enter the

for less than three months, many of these people, a lot of people know that the Internet is a big cake, want to share the big cake, often seen in the group, into the internet station a month not to make money, do stand two months still did not make money…… So I want to tell you is that the Internet is not so easy to make money, if it is so easy, then we have to stand up to the internet. Started less than in March, technology, experience, are not fine, inexperienced belong to this layer, some people even know about this industry are not thorough situation, to do what you want, you get to make money, as one of the new recruits, I suggest that we should focus on the study, when you make the industry look transparent, we can possibly make money.

second kinds of people: think Wangzhuan is very easy very easy

think Wangzhuan is very easy very easy, I think this kind of person may be affected by a variety of Wangzhuan training now, a lot of exaggeration to say what training, a few days to learn, guaranteed to make money like, can think about it, there is no such a good thing, where the sky is so good pie just hit your head, if so, we are waiting for the pie, and then prepared to be good. I can responsibly say, Wangzhuan is not so simple, but when the site to do a certain degree of time, when you have experienced technical ideas, may make money will be easier, but for newcomers, it is very time-consuming to do at the beginning of the general station, it is difficult to make money, earn even the money is also very small, if there is no psychological preparation, you do not think do make money, some people do it and burn, put a lot of money, manpower and ultimately is not broke out, I want to say to you is, Wangzhuan can make money, but under certain conditions it can make money, not blindly follow the trend.

third kinds of people: to see Wangzhuan puzzled by the attitude of people

with a puzzled attitude to look at the Wangzhuan person, actually this kind of a few people, although they do stand in, but most of the time, they are in doubt, the site in the end can not make money? When you are doing and want to do this can make money, I feel quite interesting if, in this industry, even if you do, also won’t do, how can it make money? 365 lines, line shaped member, depends on your choice, if you have doubts in this industry, you can also do it wholeheartedly.