Ten of the most entrepreneurial ideas to achieve the number of Millionaire

What exactly do online business?

        the question is not good, too much. You have to start with your own interests and study what you can offer to a target market You can provide this thing is that others can not find out for you, only you find yourself.

        in order to help you expand ideas, today introduced a few days ago to see ten of the most stupid online entrepreneurial ideas, but these seemingly stupid ideas are successful in the ten.

        1) million dollar website

        I believe many people are aware of this idea, the web page is divided into 1 million pixels, each pixel to sell a piece of money, of course, have to buy 10X10 or more to see, many people buy more pixels.

        before the site was born, I am afraid of most people, the idea of listening is stupid, who do you want to buy? But the 21 year old man, who invented the concept, has become a millionaire, and all of his 1 million pixels are sold out in a short time. Now there are a lot of people imitating.

        2) Santa Claus letter

        pretend you are writing from the south pole, pretend you are Santa Claus, write a letter to the child and send a Christmas present. Of course, these children’s parents to pay, 10 yuan a. Listen and act like a joke, but they have already sold 200 thousand.

        3) the dog with the goggles

        to do some dogs wearing goggles, and then sell on the internet. It sounds very mysterious, but they have become millionaires, but also opened a lot of real shops.

        4) laser monk

        monks opened a website to sell printer cartridges and other supplies. It is the real monks who operate the site, and that is what they are. Their sales in 2005 were $2 million 500 thousand.

        5) antenna ball


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