The winter fire operation experience sharing forum webmaster

in fact, Ma said the winter, not including those of our personal webmaster, we have been the beginning of the winter, has not been to the spring.

used to do the movie alliance, relying on Baidu search to a lot of people. Baidu is really stupid. Included is also easy to be some webmaster

, however, all of the SP channels are closed. It started in 06 years.

really miss the day Baidu brings N million IP days. Such days are not easy to come back. Baidu focuses on site quality, increased human intervention. There’s no way anyone can get it. As for some people say that Baidu has a technical failure. This is a reason.


for four times to adjust. So that the station is also in the winter. Talk about this topic later, today we talk about the operation of the forum.

we all know, the state must be * * * * special forum, shut down a lot. Some people began to retreat. But I tell you, if you can stick to it, stick to it.

here I share some forum experience. I’ve been working for more than 1 years. PV15 million for my personal website, but also a small success.

1 forum selection

forum system very much, the earliest BBSXP Network Forum Cha bird.Net Koleos CGI to the now popular network DZ pw


in short, personal recommendation DZ, after all, carrying capacity is great. Secondly I will choose pw. There are online analysis of DZ and PW contrast articles. We can look at

in general, DZ search without PW weight is good. I have tested many times, but the number of DZ is generally more (not absolute).

2 why make forum

in fact, we all know that the forum, not as good as the web site received advertising fees. Not as good as the web version of the station received more money. But I think the forum is active, and that’s why I like it.

because of a circle of people. Easy to stay. Strong interaction. But this is not to say that I absolutely, not all stations are made of the forum, this article only provides forum operating experience, for not

friends do not like to see the forum.

3 to do what kind of forum

I suggest you according to their own preferences, according to their own resources. Which industry forum has been successful. I think it is very good for example: Tianya, such as the industry behind the Admin5 are quite successful.

4 to do the forum what kind of space

if you have small or small accessories, you need less space. Forum program is generally only a few M, but the database will gradually increase. This >