Three tips to increase the single page Taobao revenue

we know that Taobao is now quite intense, we want to be able to do so to maximize the profit of a website. Only to achieve the maximum, we have the confidence and motivation to do it. Then each Taobao – in trying to improve their single page station income, can be described as the brains! Yes! Many novice friends Taobao passenger station income often stays in the hundreds of pieces of the stage, but can not exceed the monthly income of 1000 mark! This month more than often, but not subjective factor. Then, a simple single page in a short period of time how to quickly increase your income? This is a lot of new friends want to know! So, I will be in the following simple analysis of what we actually increase their income with the Taobao customer unique secret


, we know that Taobao search promotion: guest mode: search page promotion, promotion, shop promotion, product promotion, activity promotion, Taobao mall promotion manager. But for us to do a single page Taobao guest search promotion is an important way to increase our Taobao customer revenue. Search marketing can be divided into "Taobao search promotion", "Taobao mall promotion" the biggest difference is the Taobao search promotion is the mall can get mall subsidies, watch carefully for some commodities commodity subsidies than the Commission is also high, which is why many friends use search mall main reason promotion. We are a single page product list, but also put 10 products to the user to choose, we can not guarantee that users can purchase from these 10 products. At this time with a search box so that the conversion rate, Taobao passenger revenue greatly improved, and not as a result of the user does not get".

two, borrows the promotion on leveraging the promotion, believe a lot of people know! Zhu Geliang borrow arrows with thatched boats is a very typical example. We do through sometimes there will be an unexpected effect. But our attention is in leveraging the attention must be paid to the relationship between us: for example, in the eye of this product, you can hang on the weight loss drug Taobao ad code in a single page, are some of the beauty of the young girl after all most buy eye cream, sometimes in their weight-loss drugs will be needed, as long as through the connection after the purchase the Commission has further increased. I’ve seen more examples of failure is a selling machine Soybean Milk single page station on acne, whitening product code, he might also know force, but he ignored this page to the feelings of others is not professional, so that customers lost.

three, active promotion: directional flow sites we concern is often the site, the more traffic that there will be more people to buy. So how should we actively promote this initiative? First of all, by now, Baidu soso Q & a platform for promotion, how do we can use Baidu Search, after all, Baidu is our best teacher! Then, many people would have thought to do flow with mass software, but now the search engine of this group has well tell it, the most important thing is the traffic is not.