The butterfly Vivian to bring you a new understanding of business records

source in Douban, the original author Jane Jun 7, the original address:, only to share.

Seven introduction:


butterfly is an old friend of Jian Qijun for a long time, not the two generation of the X, there is no halo of famous universities, out of a non provincial capital cities.

started as a busboy sister in a small advertising company, one step forward, trying to run in the country. Every encounter, I heard that she learned a new thing, painting, photography, project management, IT, marketing. Two years ago, I heard that she started, some surprised, but also feel inevitable. Such as her hard work, I can afford to have been like a word, let the dead time has meaning".

entrepreneurship is difficult, however, as before in the women’s entrepreneurship, said to go on a trip inside the chat, she took her consistent gratitude, infected with friends, team, and customers. The main project. Advertising interactive design. Now slowly on the right track, my little hobby. Sugar design also ushered in a surprise.

summary of the full text, Jane seven of the proceeds are as follows:

1 if the early introduction of capital operation, will erode the founder of inspiration and passion, because you have to compromise to the capital.

2 partners should not be more refined, values coincide, complementary resources is critical.

3 what to do with their own advantages, market opportunities, choose their own positioning and do nothing.


4 short-term survival: fast track, cash flow; then the long-term survival of established brands.

5 is a difficult start, tears in the smiling, lengnuanzizhi. Personal health, family, all kinds of pressure must be ready to bear, think clearly, do it with all your might.

must use all his strength to reach the unknowable future

– Butterfly Vivian entrepreneurship record

butterfly Vivian, 80 female lion, entrepreneur, advertising for 7 years, IT 4 years, now clever to find a meeting point between the technology development and design class business.

loves painting and baking, own a dessert design Taobao shop, and dessert design drawing custom painting in his spare time.

business is like a marathon, do you think it is teeth run 42 kilometers, starting before that, this is a do not know where the end point of the journey, or abandon the match, or the exhaustion of body energy, efforts to rush to the unknown future.

Why should the


business before I spend a lot of time in a tourism project, the project at the beginning of it capital operation in the form of operation, spent a lot of time to write a business plan, do demo.

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