Dunhuang network Wang Shutong entrepreneurs should continue to go beyond constantly changing

May 17, 2013, Chrysler Cup third Tianjin race horse contest held in Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park, Dunhuang network founder Wang Shutong shared her entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial sentiment in the contest, she believes that entrepreneurship is a different way of life, and the entrepreneur is to continue to go beyond, constantly changing. At the same time, she also made a comparison between China and the United states. The following is the full text:

I think every time I would be very excited to participate in exciting entrepreneurship contest, I remember in the last year, it should be in May, I told the Entrepreneur Magazine president cattle we participated together in a CCTV financial channel dialogue column, when talking about a business venture that topic, topic the students talk about school of business is not a good choice, I like cows as a party is in support of President China entrepreneurs need to have better management and management experience, the need for more industry accumulation. I remember in the opponent’s column put a lot of short stories, really see there are so many big names in the United States, from early to later like Microsoft, apple, and in recent years is the founder of Google and other scenery.

of the us from the market, innovation mechanism is very different, the more successful mode of technical innovation, we see a lot of young people have very good ideas, this market is very successful in support of the management team, I think in the United States Internet industry appeared the waves pushed at a stroke with a stroke of entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere, in China actually we analyze the successful experience of these companies, in fact, we see China mode, prefer to call is a kind of market operation, or innovation, that is to say Chinese inspired entrepreneurs are some foreign models, combined with the reality and characteristics of Chinese the market, processing, transformation and optimization of forming their own · a business model, so we see a lot of Chinese successful business enterprise is a kind of like that The successful mode of operation and market, and such a model in the complex market environment, in fact, we need more entrepreneurs for the understanding of the industry, for operators to grasp, so I remember according to such a group formed a distinctive point of view, this is my point of view is very consistent, in fact, I think Chinese this environment, especially China or complicated background, there is a kind of management and management experience, can make the enterprise more durable.

when we share a point of view, if you want to become a good leader, the first thing you are not able to be a good follower, I think this might be with me in joyo.com entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship in Dunhuang in 2004 2 net, this course gave me this kind of views, including for now Chinese market environment to understand, actually China today in the business, I think one of the Internet’s hitherto unknown for the small and medium enterprises to individuals the opportunity, we have a lot to create, you can imagine, but on the other hand, I also have a strong sense that in today entrepreneurship is more and more difficult to Chinese. A few days ago and capital