Leaders can not belittle the promise of subordinates

"The book of Lord Shang" records, Shang Yang reform in the state of Qin, a new law. In order to make people believe the new law is to resolutely implement, he was in the capital of the south gate and a wooden tree, the onlookers said: "who can be with the wood from the south gate to the north gate, will give him fifty-two silver!" most people do not believe there is such a good thing, I’m afraid the promise of Shang Yang to be honored.

everyone in shilly-shally, but carry the wood of a person, walk from the south gate to the north gate, Shang Yang cash on the spot, and gave him fifty-two shekels of silver. As a result, people believe that what Shang Yang says is true, and that when he comes up with the new law, he keeps it.