Talk about several kinds of grassroots money making model

with the Internet industry continues to grow, and this is a constant increase in the number of stations. A lot of friends not to allow the site to bring their own interests, the site is because they like the industry, is entirely out of personal interests and hobbies. However, with the development of the website, the operating cost increases. Also have to consider how to make use of the site’s profit. Let this part of the revenue to become the source of funding for the subsequent development of the site.

in fact, as a grassroots webmaster, they are one of the hardest work in the Internet industry every day. Because they not only to consider the promotion of the site, the site’s profit. Have to fill the content of the site. Because most of the station is a person doing. So everything has to go pro. Grassroots webmaster for the site operation and promotion are very experienced. Grassroots Adsense profit model can be divided into two kinds, one is to use the website to get benefits. One is to use their own resources and experience to gain benefits.

one: use their own experience to profit

1: the use of their own site management and promotion experience to gain: in fact, this is not difficult to understand, that is, in addition to the management of the site, the use of their own experience to do part-time jobs. Whether it is the management of other websites or website promotion. Because of their roots as a webmaster, related experience is very rich. Whether it is business or commercial web site. As long as the site, their management and promotion is essential. There are some small business sites, in the early days of the station, due to their own management and promotion experience is relatively small, most will find some part-time staff to help manage and promote. This has become a grassroots webmaster earn opportunities outside the block.

2: the use of their own writing experience to profit: as a grassroots webmaster, their website content in addition to reprint other people’s excellent articles, most of the content is to update their own writing. Most have a certain level of writing. This is only to see their level. Now there are a lot of big information sites, staff need to constantly update the content of the site. Many are looking for some part-time to update. This will give you a chance to earn a grassroots webmaster.

two: use the site to profit

1: the sale of links: the sale of links is a prerequisite, that is your website to have high PR value. Now a lot of new sites, in the early days of the new site, will go everywhere to find links. But as a new station. The PR value is 0. Web site has not been included in the major search engines. In this case, in addition to the site will be friends with you swap. Other webmaster will not ignore you. So you want to swap with some PR value high site. To a large extent, is to spend money to buy. This has become a number of grassroots Adsense profit method. Now a lot of webmaster class forum has set up a special link to buy and sell version of the area, like the A5 Adsense trading forum. Laggards forum.

2: join the advertising alliance: join the ad

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