How to avoid the loss of the team’s biggest problem


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entrepreneurial phase of the company, people are the first thing to do is the people, the resources in the hands of the team decided how far the project can go, investors are most valued team. Entrepreneurial companies did not have money, fame, people keep people are difficult, the team lost, not only delay the progress of the project, but also affect the morale, hiring and retention of entrepreneurial team is one of the biggest problems, according to the summary of the results verify my business has some experience:

1, the value of the first.

recruit people do not use money to attract people, for the money is also easy to go for money, venture has a low risk, short-term profit is not normal, but the difficulties encountered for the money is more likely to retreat. I was to the technical team is lower than the industry level of security for a living wage, 4-5 partners full-time and more than and 20 part-time team are no wages, we believe that we are doing a meaningful thing, as for the return of value, things made, money is just accessories. In this state, we have been together for more than 1 years to 2 years.

2, say, entrepreneurship is not quick thing.

reference to the team before the words: "we have the psychological question: what time can be effective, in order to make Bourne Tracy!? there is a simple rule for the definition of success, we must understand the law: 28. That is the 80% time the efforts will be successful in the last 20% years! According to this theory, our 5 year plan, there will be 4 years of hard work, success in fifth years! So we must have the correct understanding, ready.

5 years, if we can do it, the pace is fast. If you want to be in 1 or 2 years to achieve a great career in 2 or 3 years, it is impossible, this small probability event is more difficult than the lottery. We must correctly understand. If we do not adhere to the original goal of the past 5 years, whether it is work or change the project, will not have much success. 5 years time is fleeting! At a young age, after 5 years of hard work, I believe it will be a valuable asset in life, whatever the outcome, we will have no regrets, because we worked hard! We will have more ideas to educate our children, our next generation! "But finally I was the first to leave, because less income, capital and technology bottlenecks encountered.

3, let everyone feel their progress and growth.

in addition to money, entrepreneurial team everyone has the desire to enhance personal development, perhaps they want to borrow a project to enhance their own training, but also understandable. I was trying to bring you to understand the Internet, operating SEO and operation promotion, community marketing, micro-blog >

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