What PPS put on the GG ads can be induced click con

online today in watching TVB’s hit series "Zhuguangbaoqi". Half of the time will not come out. In a TV drama fans and we chat. Suddenly a group of friends said PPS is on Pearl 62 sets, I feel very puzzled, should not ah, don’t put jade. How did they get to play the video? Curiosity drove me to see what it was.

open PPS’s official, as I thought. It is only to induce the user point of the connection, changed the name, lure users point. As I prepared to leave, but note that PPS also put a GG text link, but the strange thing is, we have noticed it, I do see signs of place, and how we put them in a small icon.


this is not a psychological hint to the visitors, the temptation to click on the user to connect the text behind it? I looked at the next, this icon is not their own PPS, GG code is displayed in the. PPS network TV on what the GG text connection there is a guide to click on the icon it is because it is a big site

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