Three aspects to improve the degree of Web site links

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website link popularity (LinkPopularity) in the search engine ranking function has been widely accepted and paid attention to. In fact, even if you do not submit your site on the GOOGLE, but with other sites made links, GOOGLE may also include your site. Search engines may also be based entirely on the extent of your link to determine your site rankings.

1 internal links

to important pages to cross link back and forth repeatedly. The purpose is to let the search engine spider know that this is your most important page.

cross links page also help spider to find your important faster page and will be indexed, especially when the page is buried deep in the site, it is very important.

2 incoming links

The introduction of

to establish several associated with your site theme of small sites, they are linked to each other, and then link back to your main site.

choose keywords of the site, with the same name as the keyword link, the other small site links to the main site. The reason for this is because some of the major search engines such as GOOGLE pay special attention to the link name.

* for site exchange links

you link objects including:Link

to find these sites, you can enter " in the search engine; link:" input, follow competitors such as the domain name.

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