Success is to continue to pay 3 years of network marketing experience summary

I have been engaged in network marketing for about 3 years. A variety of network marketing tools have done. Here’s my road to success.

When a

, a chance to become a member of a large navy, every day a large number of registered forum account, post replies, because it is the reason for the course, only do these tasks at night ". But also good, usually work 3 hours, you can earn up to $30. Enough for the living expenses of the day. 3 months later, on the top of the account resources have been more abundant; and the network above the network resources have accumulated some. Started to take orders. At that time asked a lot of orders, ask where they pick up the list, no one was willing to tell me. I am not willing to go on the Baidu search network promotion company, network marketing company, and then to these companies call, contact them to introduce themselves to do their company’s task force. Heaven helps those who help themselves., the network marketing company in Shanghai agreed to cooperate with me. After they have a list of forum speculation took to me to, I’ll send to the navy to do. Sometimes one day to earn 100 dollars, then I thought, each person for me to earn $5, 20 people is $100. Although the further understanding of network products, as well as the needs of my customers, after the accumulation of blog, micro-blog, QQ group, voting, brush flow and a series of network resources. The volume of business every day, remember that due to business growth, I went to the occasional large pig Witkey network looking for staff to do the task. At that time, as to the network hype’s, may be relatively large, the income. Do a task execution process, I entered the second.

2: frequent network hype, has a certain amount of capital in the navy in this circle; occasionally there will be individual customers to come, let me do it for them when a network hype, promised, I believe I can, then find the soft soft Wen writers, about 800 words 80 yuan. After the soft text, to the customer to see, after passing on the forum post, reply. But also for posts brush flow. Such direct customers, really let me feel the money is so easy. Only a direct customer made me earn 3000 yuan, the task cycle is one month. Because the list of customers do quite well, he introduced his friends to find me, in short, through such a spread, a sharp increase in the volume of business. I rarely pick up a list of Internet marketing companies. After all, their list for me is already used, earn less.

time flies, I’m a junior. From time to time will chat with some friends to Wangzhuan these things every day, think of those who make more money; go which aspects of development; a network client of the company issued a press release to let me send them, Hot Blog. I asked, I was surprised, even a press release hundreds, especially the portal; I will try to help companies find some network resources in this area, that is really there, just let me find a major website editor > industry base;

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